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Fenero Web Phone Station Extension



  • Sergio

    When I made new station I added a webphone feature. It works great, I love it, agents love it, but I don't think that it works with campaigns.

    Found this in other article, but can't make it work with a campaign, just a manual dial. 

    Fenero 2.0 brings with it an extremely easy-to-use and beautiful browser-based Web Phone powered by WebRTC (Real-time Communications). For customers taking advantage of this new feature, there are no more third party soft phones to setup, configure or maintain - your agents simply log in using their user ID and password, and Web Phone takes care of the rest.

  • Sergio

    MADE IT WORK :) ,

    for anyone having similar problem (for some reason this was mine)

    Delete the census, import it all over again and it will work.

    Tried reseting, tried everything else, but it started working when I reset the whole population



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